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Toll Free: +1 (866) 844 5333 Availability 24/7 Springfield VA
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Tourist’s guide to visit Smithsonian Museums

In Washington DC there are a large number of attractions with the variety of the interesting and entertaining exhibits.  There are 3.5 billion old fossils are displayed and major attraction of the visitors. In this museum there are 137 million things are put on view and are irreplaceable. It is free and is comprises of 19 museums and galleries. The museum that is within the Smithsonian Museums or is located at walking distance is truly something to see. Here’s the guide for the visitors to plan your trip;

Smithsonian Castle:

The official name is Smithsonian institute Building. It is considering being the house of the administrative offices and is the information center of the museums of the world. It is constructed of red sandstone in a Victorian style in 1855. The James Renwick, Jr is an architect of the stunning building. It is the oldest building on the national Mall.

It is located centrally and is the good place to visit in the building there is a café & a free WIFI connection available. It is good to explore the Smithsonian Castle in warmer weather conditions.

National Museum:

It is famous and is consisting of the 125 million natural science specimens & the cultural artifacts. Its names come among the most visited places in the world. It provides and delivers many free educational programs to visitors. It is completely be dedicated to inspiring the people to discover natural world.

It is also been loved by the kids and has the plenty of activities for them. It center of attractions of the National Museum are;

  • Dinosaur skeletons
  • Natural Gems & minerals
  • Insect zoo
  • Live coral reef
  • Artifacts etc.


To visit the museum with family then the best time is morning and late afternoon. This will avoid the crowd for sure.


Freer & Sackler Gallery of Art:


It is Asian Art gallery in US. It is also situated on the National Mall. It is closed because of the major renovations. While the sackler gallery is open.  It is arranging the public programs like concerts and films. Freer gallery has the wide range of art from all over the world. The countries that artwork is included is;

  • Japan
  • Korea
  • China
  • Southeast Asia etc.

The gallery of art is going to represent the;

  • Paintings
  • Manuscripts
  • Sculptures
  • & ceramics etc.


The Smithsonian Museums is undoubtedly and informative place to tour. To reach there, hire a limousine service and car service from infinity limo Car Company. They are active and offering their reliable services to the customers. The team involve in the task is passionate and dedicated.



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