Let’s stop the spread of COVID-19

Let’s stop the spread of COVID-19 with Infinity limo car.

Regarding the current situation of this pandemic (covid19), INFINITY LIMO CAR is playing its part to stop the spread of the COVID 19 and providing safe transportation services to its customers. For safer travel, we have taken precautionary measures that include training of chauffeurs for this current situation. We have installed the chauffeur/passenger shield (Sneezeguard) in our Sedans and SUVs to have a partition between the chauffeur and the passenger. Our chauffeurs disinfect the vehicle before and after each ride. They are always wearing gloves and face masks. We have all the necessary sanitary items such as sanitizer, paper towels, and other cleaning supplies in all our vehicles. Not only we follow the CDC guidelines, but we also encourage our affiliates to do the same. A guideline-recommended by CDC all passengers wear face-covering cloth masks, and not to ride on the front seat. We are making sure that we can provide the ultimate experience of travel along with the health and safety precautions.

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