Washington DC
Washington DC
Toll Free: +1 (866) 844 5333 Availability 24/7 Springfield VA
Toll Free: +1 (866) 844 5333 Availability 24/7 Springfield VA
Toll Free: +1 (866) 844 5333 Availability 24/7 Springfield VA

Shuttle Service and Contract

Shuttle Service and Contract

Infinity Limo car offers highly cost-effective ways to ensure that your corporate, commercial and residential transportation needs are met. Thanks to our advanced scheduling systems, we can offer comprehensive, dependable shuttle service and contract to and from any locations in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area and beyond.

Whether you’re looking to offer regularly scheduled commuter shuttle service and contract to your employees and customer, or you want to operate a shuttle service between venues or to shopping, Business, and dining areas as part of a special event, or simply to provides courtesy shuttles service for VIP guests and clients perhaps to the airport or into town. Infinity Limo car Service Rental will expertly arrange the shuttling activity that you require. Infinity Limo car delivers the contracted service with the utmost professionalism and our signature courtesy. Known as an industry leader for our reliability, comfortability and safety record, Infinity Limo Car Service Rental’s knowledgeable and highly experienced team of specialists will seamlessly offer you with personalized service for shuttle contracts as well as any additional finest transportation needs you may have.

Because of our reputation and capabilities, we’ve been asked to provide shuttle and contracted services for a  different broad cross-section of leading organizations and specialized groups in the region, including:

Property management companies in DC area

Corporations and Companies

Government Agencies

Universities and Schools

Non-profits and Other Organizations


A recent trend has led employers to offer quality shuttles service and contract to bring employees to work from neighborhood centers, transit plazas, shopping centers and centralized parking venues. This is a benefit and essential for both parties, as the employees can arrive to work on time feeling relaxed and well rested, having avoided the hassles and costs of traffic, gas, and parking. Providing a shuttle service and contract also allows employers to draw talent from a greater geographic area and promotes company networking and socialization. Infinity Limo car Service can also provide organized shuttles for school and university campus events, shopping shuttles service for retirement home communities, and courtesy shuttles service as part corporate events or as a special service for your VIP clients.

Infinity Limo car Service boasts an extensive fleet of meticulously maintained newer and latest model vehicles in a variety of sizes. Shuttle services are typically delivered by executive van and luxury motor coach which are equipped with top of the line amenities such as comfortable plush seating, reliable, mobile broadband, and satellite TV, and 110-volt outlets. It allows your shuttle ride to serve as a temporary office while you are in transit and as a means to provide passenger entertainment.

Contracted shuttle service means we’ll run on your schedule. We can provide 24-hour service, should you wish safe, secure and dependable options through the night hours. We’ll follow your designating effective routes, creating custom signage, and for any other important and special request we might be able to fulfill on your behalf. Infinity Limo car Service prides us on a gold standard of attention to detail. We will gladly ensure that your shuttle contract service needs are fulfilled and enjoyable.

At Infinity Limo Car Service, we employ only the highly knowledgeable and safest chauffeurs who are additionally required to exhibit core values of courtesy and professionalism. Our pricing is highly competitive. We offer immediate invoicing for the convenience of your accounting department.

Infinity Limo Car Service takes pride in exceeding your expectations and always delivering an extra value and comfortable and reliable services.

Infinity Limo Car service offer both a convenient online reservations portal as well as our 24/7 customer care staff staffed by our friendly environment and hard-working team of transportation specialists.